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Accurate Aviation Group and ASB Avionics have joined forces to provide an unparalleled team of avionics modification specialists. Currently our team is working with STC providers, Kaiser Air, DERs and equipment manufacturers to introduce the first FANS 1-A and ADS-B solutions for the GIV and GV aircraft.

All aircraft flying in U.S. Controlled Air Space will be required to have a minimum of ADS-B Out installed no later than 1 January 2020.

ADS-B is a precise satellite-based surveillance system. ADS-B Out uses GPS technology to determine an aircraft's location, airspeed and other data, and broadcasts that information to a network of ground stations, which relays the data to air traffic control displays and to nearby aircraft equipped to receive the data via ADS-B In. Operators of aircraft equipped with ADS-B In can receive weather and traffic position information delivered directly to the cockpit.

In 1983, ICAO established the special committee on the Future Air Navigation System (FANS), charged with developing the operational concepts for the future of Air Traffic Management (ATM). The FANS report was published in 1988 and laid the basis for the industry's future strategy for ATM through digital CNS using satellites and data links. Work then started on the development of the technical standards needed to realize the FANS concept.

Today FANS is required in the two center lanes of the structured North Atlantic Track System (NATS) between FL360 and 390. By the end of 2015, it'll be required in European airspace above FL285, and may be required in the rest of the North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS) airspace. Beyond these mandates, the scenario is evolving constantly.

ASB Avionics and Accurate Aviation Group regularly work with experimental, military, and corporate aircraft operators upgrading classic analog cockpits to digital avionics systems that include GPS and Satellite Communications Systems (SATCOM). The team also provides cabin entertainment & management systems engineering and installation, including WiFi, iPlane and Broadband.

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